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Cat Lee - Scenic

Host of The Groove Files

Cat Lee is based in Las Vegas Nevada. He lives and breathes music. His love for an eclectic sound that caters to an international audience is showcased nightly during The Groove Files. Cat is very well known amongst the Las Vegas Jazz scene for hosting many of the jazz festivals. Cat simply commands the stage.

Favorite Quotes

"Not my circus. Not my monkeys."

Polish Proverb


Thought for today: "Let's love not hate; protect not harm; give not take; help not hurt; encourage not hinder; live and let live." - Rev Robin Eldridge


'When your teeth drop out You'll get by even without taking a bite......Cheer Down" - George Harrison


"Of all the things you wear, your expression is the most important". - Lillian Mc Morris!!



Virginia State University

Radio Career

WTON AM - Staunton Va.

WSSV AM / WPLZ FM - Petersburg Va.

KCEP FM - Las Vegas NV.

KXPT FM – Las Vegas NV.

KOZZ FM – Reno NV.

KKLZ FM – Las Vegas NV.

KOAS FM – Las Vegas NV.



Cat Lee: Meet the Team