Station - R&B Flavaz & Hip-Hop Flavas

Kenneth Spellman

DJ Special K is the host of the:

"New Music @ Noon" show which airs daily at 12pm est. on R&B Flavaz.

"The Love Show" airs nightly at 10p on R&B Flavaz.

"The New Music Show" on Hip-Hop Flavas which airs at 12 pm est.


Station - The Groove

Cat Lee

Cat Lee hosts "The Groove Files" an eclectic jazz themed show that airs nightly at 10pm on The Groove


Station - The Groove

Rick Nuhn

Rick Nuhn is the host of "Top Ten Now & Then" show that airs Saturdays at 12 pm est. on R&B Flavaz


Station - Top 40 / Dance Party

DJ Jes

DJ Jes is the host of the "Unleash The Beat" mixcshow.

dj georgie porgy.png

Station - Top 40 / Dance Party

DJ Georgie Porgie

DJ Georgie Porgie hosts "Chicago House Mixshows"

There’s a certain type of DJ/ artist to emerge from Chicago, having been raised around the rawest and purest forms of House and Dance music. These roots cement themselves within the cities‘ residents, and  form a continual source of inspiration for those who seek it. George Andros or Georgie Porgie or GP as he is known across the globe, is no exception. An accomplished DJ, Artist, incredible singer songwriter, record producer, an independent dance music recording mogul and one of the hottest dance-music producer-remixers to emanate out of Chicago, Illinois. 


Station - Top 40 / Dance Party

DJ Luis Santiago

It takes talent to know talent, and DJ Luis Santiago understands that better than anyone. Want to find out more about this individual? Learn more about their great work as a DJ.

stefano pain, francesco pittaluga.jpg

Station - Top 40 / Dance Party

Stefano Pain, Francesco Pittaluga

Stefano Pain and Francesco Pittaluga are two of Italy’s finest DJ, Producer and Remixers that have become a force in the Music Industry! They are the most acclaimed names in Electronic and House Music! They began their journey   from the beautiful city of Alessandria with relentless determination through  hard work and authentic production to be a household names and influential industry professionals as a Production team! Individually they have produced some of the biggest names in the World!

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Station - Top 40 / Dance Party

Jeremy Martorano

DJ Jeremy Martorano


Station - Top 40 / Dance

Paola Peroni

Paola was born in Brescia and from a young age showed passion and a talent for music. At 14 she studied piano and later studied music history through a course organised by Associazione Italiana Disc Jockey.
In 1991 Claudio Tozzo and Graziano Fanelli heard and invited Paola to join the Genux staff. Paola became a resident DJ under her first pseudonym: “DJ Groovy”.
She followed her passion for music in new directions and her professional career turned to new major productions such as Dj Groovy "Shake It", "Confusione", various remixes with the same pseudonym, "Step on" by Space Master (no. 1 France); "World of Confusion" by Space Masters (no. 1 in France); "Every Day of my Life" by House Traffic; "Bang" by The Riders (no. 1 in the Netherlands), "Coming" by Scwarzkopf and many others. The results spoke for themselves with popular hits in France, Germany and Holland.